Network Members

The Past Earth Network currently consists of over 200 multidisciplinary members from around the world. The research interests of these members ranges from climate proxy and palaeoclimate analysis to complex computer modelling and pure statistics.

Joining the Network

Being a member of the PEN allows you to be the first to know about new events, talks, publications and funding through the network. If you are interested in joining the Past Earth Network, please use the membership form to join the PEN. Alternatively you can join the network via the working groups, the Data, Models, Comparisons and Forecasting working groups all have membership options on their pages.

Steering Committee

We are happy that the following scientists have agreed to serve on our steering committee and to provide scientific guidance for the network.


The following members have agreed to be listed, to be added to this list please sign up at this link.

If you are listed here but want your name removed, if something needs changing, or if you want to be added to this list, please let us know.


The Principal Investigator is Jochen Voss and the Co-Investigator is Alan Haywood both at the University of Leeds. Based in Mathematics and Climate Modelling respectively it is the aim of the investigators to develop the Network and maintain an environment conducive to addressing the themes: Data, Models, Data-Model Comparisons and Forecasting.