PEN call for Feasibility Studies

The PEN held a call in summer 2016 for network members to submit feasibility studies. There was an excellent range of proposals and after a difficult decision process six were awarded funding through the PEN. We would like to thank all those that participated in the call, and helped make the awards possible.

Successful Proposals

The following proposals were successfully funded and will take place throughout 2017. The assessment process was particularly difficult due to the overall high standard of proposals, the PEN would like to thank everyone who submitted.

Assessment Criteria

Proposals were ranked by a panel of Working Group Leaders and Steering Committee members. Applications were assessed according to the following criteria:

  1. How well the proposal aligns with the goals of the network and the chosen working group(s).
  2. Scientific quality of the project, including the appropriate use of statistical methodology.
  3. How well the project furthers interactions between the different scientific areas of the network.
  4. How relevant any outputs of the proposed project are to the network, and how likely it is that these outputs are achieved.

The proposals for each working group will be ranked according to these criteria and the top proposals for each group (up to the budget limit) will be funded.



Download Call Document